A world class Christian elementary school on the West Side of Buffalo…

What types of leaders would emerge if children in Buffalo were afforded the opportunity to build their lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ? What kind of entrepreneurs, pilots, doctors, lawyers, politicians, religious leaders, advocates for humanity, celebrities and other world changers would rise up? 

Could we see the next president come from our neighborhoods? 

At Strong Academy

We are creating a school that embraces the diversity of Buffalo's next generation and brings the privilege of God to children from all walks of life.


Our mission is to be a catalyst for future leaders from Buffalo by giving them the best foundation for life - a world class, bible based early education. 

Our vision is to build a Christian, full day PreK-5th elementary school on the West Side with the capacity to educate 200+ children each year.

The Only

Private, Christian elementary school within minutes of downtown Buffalo, Strong Academy has the potential to impact the population across the entire city.



Is still open for Pre-K & Kindergarten in 2018!